sleeping in the house of light :: spring 2015 open studio

Begins: Apr 18, 2015

Ends: Apr 19, 2015

Location: Stinkbug Studio :: 715 s. 7th ave. tucson, arizona


11 to 7 @ Stinkbug Studio

We invite you to a very special creative collaboration between four talented friends here in el Barrio Viejo. Please join us for a weekend of beautiful art, delicious food and good company!

Tom Baumgartner, Chip Hedgcock and Keith Marroquin will be showing their work @ Stinkbug Studio!

We would love this to be a chance to spend time with our friends, make new ones, and share our art. So please, stop in and have a glass of wine or better yet, spend the afternoon and hang out with us!

Our show is part of the Tucson Artists’ Open Studio tour. There are more than 80 other studios all over T-town to visit (6 other studios within 3 blocks of Stinkbug!), so make a day of it and support your local art freaks!

The show @ Stinkbug will run into the evening! We’ll stay open past 7pm so don’t balk about wandering in after the studio tour hours are officially over. Check out the other studios in the tour and spend the evening with us! We’ll have homemade food, good music and most definitely some of the most beautiful art in T-town. 😉


The printed version of the OST Directory is available in this April’s issue of Zocalo.

For a map and more details go to: Tucson Artists’ Open Studio

Listed on May 3rd, 2016

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