shell and mesquite on steel. photograph of saguaro cacti in el pinacate printed on aluminum panel

20 cm x 30 cm

locals detail - click to enlarge

|object in private collection|

“To the lover of nature in all aspects, this land of ‘silence, solitude and sunshine’ cannot help but present a strong fascination. The wonderful colors of the late afternoon, the glorious sunsets, the peace and calm of the night, the thrill that accompanies the early dawn of the morning are sources of constant delight for the traveler. Besides, an expedition of this kind directs one’s thoughts into other channels than those of the ordinary humdrum life. The starlit sky, under which one sleeps with impunity, invites imagination to take flight into the infinite universe, and one has time to reflect on the beauty of existence and the grandeur of nature, a pleasure which is denied to most city dwellers.”

 — Carl Lumholtz, ‘New Trails in Mexico’

This object was on exhibit @ the Davis Dominguez Gallery in Tucson, Arizona from May 9 to June 29, 2013 for the 21st annual Small Works Invitational.

This object was included in my solo exhibition :: chasing julian at the WEE Gallery in Tucson, Arizona, February 2013.

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