sandstone concretions and shell on steel

23 cm x 36 cm

migration detail - click to enlarge

|object in private collection|

The current of people and culture flowing between present day Mexico and the American Southwest possesses a charge gained from an infinite number of footsteps striking the earth over many thousands of years. Along trails littered with seashells and shards of obsidian, countless migrants reinforced — and energized with every step — a circuit of cultural conductivity that stretched from Tierra Del Fuego to the Arctic Circle; This circuit was laid down in macaw feathers and turquoise — and powered on coca and corn — it interconnected this land, and all of it’s people — long before Cortez and Coronado. Shod in sandals woven from yucca fibers, these ancient travelers, one step at a time, created a connection so beautiful and so powerful it became quite literally, a force of nature — a force so enduring — it will never be severed by physical barriers or permanently obstructed by ideologies. And like the wind, it will continue to flow between basin and range, long after the fences fall…

The spiral is a common petroglyph found throughout the Southwest and Mexico, and it’s frequently interpreted as a symbol of migration — not just across the external landscape — but through the internal as well.

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