N 31° 55′ 17.7″ / W 113° 21′ 22.1″

lava, shell and mesquite on steel. photograph of la laja lava flow printed on aluminum panel

26 cm x 42 cm

N 31° 55′ 17.7″ / W 113° 21′ 22.1″ detail - click to enlarge

|object in private collection|

“The visitor of today, whatever his heritage, is also affected and influenced by the Pinacate, even though he may know nothing of its earlier Indian life. The mountain’s self –contained and self –sufficient isolation, unknowable in the distance yet incredibly rich in discernible detail at close range, leaves an imperishable mark upon the visitor. Lumholtz described the Pinacate in the odor of the creosote bush in the winter mists, the conversation of the quail in the quavira shrub, and the rivers of green that marked the watercourses. … Others say little or nothing, but nevertheless are drawn either physically or in spirit again and again to the mountain.”

Julian Hayden, ‘The Sierra Pinacate’

This object is now displayed on an adobe wall in what used to be Julian Hayden’s home here in Tucson. I feel a profound sense of completion and connection knowing that an object that I built with my hands — is hanging on a wall that Julian built with his.

This object was included in my solo exhibition :: chasing julian at the WEE Gallery in Tucson, Arizona, February 2013.

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