'T' door cut into plate steel. mesquite lightbox holding a photograph of the earth taken from the moon

60 cm x 25 cm

threshold detail - click to enlarge

|this object is not for sale|

The object ‘Threshold’ is inspired by the elegantly designed ‘T’ doors that are believed to have first appeared in the great houses of Chaco Canyon in present day New Mexico around the 10th century AD. During the next 400 years, these graceful architectural features found their way into Puebloan buildings all over the Colorado Plateau and as far south as the Sierra Madre in Mexico.

After leaving a thousand dusty footprints of my own among the ruins left by these ancient people, I have adopted these portals as a part of my own spiritual iconography. The doorways are thresholds to a deeper, more appreciative understanding of the divinity to which everything is connected.

Please take a moment and explore the ideas presented in the video Overview. The message beautifully and clearly articulates many of the important reasons I was inspired to include the view of the earth from the moon into the object ‘threshold’.

This object was included in the exhibition :: Beyond the Border at the Coconino Center for the Arts in Flagstaff, Arizona, October 2012. Please take a moment to view a virtual tour of the exhibition.

This object was included in my solo exhibition :: chasing julian at the WEE Gallery in Tucson, Arizona, February 2013.

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